January 31, 2018 1 min read

When you give it your all, you leave no room for regrets.

In honor of those we lost, to those whose names we remember with these workouts, we will never forget.

This past weekend, my gym held a 24 Hour Hero WOD with $1 minimum donation to complete one workout. We at Fortis Et Fidelis, decided this was a great opportunity to give back to FitOps Foundation, a non profit organization that gives veterans an all expenses paid 3 week course to become certified and qualified personal trainers. Seeing the opportunity, I wanted to ensure I gave back to a foundation that I was a part of. FitOps is a not only a team, but a family that continues to give to the veteran community. Being there not too long ago, I saw firsthand the changes some of my fellow service members and veterans have made in just a short amount of time. I was honored to be among such amazing men and women who at one point, put on the uniform to defend our nation.

Thanks to CrossFit Humidity for putting this event together and for giving Fortis Et Fidelis a chance to give back to FitOps Foundation. Matching the gyms donation, we will be donating over $850 for the FitOps Foundation!

HERO WODs completed:

Crossfit workout

Thanks for supporting an active duty owned apparel brand!

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