July 30, 2020 1 min read

My 3rd deployment I was bored. Not to say our job wasn’t important, it was just a different deployment from my first two.

For the first couple months, I worked at a makeshift clinic, seeing not only Marines, but TCNs and Local nationals.

I was thankful it wasn’t like 04 and 06, but I felt like I wasn’t doing my part. Like I wasn’t making an impact. So when an opportunity came up to attend an academy for me to work as part of a Military Training Team (MTT), I volunteered.

I went in with a crew that were already working together for months, trying to see where I could fit in. All of them were from different units in Lejeune, while I was the lone personnel from the west coast (in 29 Plams.... again).

I was out of the clinic and was working with the Iraqi Army helping train them, especially their medics in hopefully taking over the fight one day. I hope we did some good during those times.

Here is the crew in our FOB near the Iraq and Saudi Arabian border. Wonder where they are now?

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