October 16, 2020 2 min read

Not that most people will admit it. We tend to masks the feeling of loneliness from others so they won’t think we are weak. So we tell them, “I’m great” or “Everything’s good” just to hide our true emotions.

But that doesn’t help. Trust me, because at times, I feel the same way.

Am I an imposter? Am I really taking the necessary steps I possibly can to achieve my goals? Do I really want what I desire?

Don’t get me wrong, I have a beautiful daughter who inspires me. And I will give my all to make her proud of her Dad.

But there are days where I have my doubts. Obstacles will always be in the way to deter you from accomplishing your goals. There are people, some even closer than you might think, who don’t or never even believed in you in the first place that will casts their doubt.

These are the same people who sit in the sidelines waiting for you to fail so they can say, “I told you so.” They want you to fail because they wouldn’t be able to keep up when you reach another level in your life.

If you find yourself in these situations, just know that you are not alone. Remember that there are others who share your struggle. I SHARE YOUR STRUGGLE.

But there are ways to combat the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of being unwanted or unappreciated. Below are a few ways to help you out along the way.

1. Focus on the positive things in your life. Like being a loving Dad.

2. Don’t close yourself off to other people. It will only worsen the feeling of loneliness. Be more proactive in putting yourself out there to meet people who are where you want to be.

3. Be open to trying new things that will lead to interactions to create new relationships to develop. Find a hobby that brings good and happiness in peoples lives.

4. Find ways to devote your time in serving others and making an impact in their lives.

I hope wherever you are in the world and in your life, this helps in some way.

Remember that you are never alone. We all have our doubts but don’t let it stop you.

Keep moving forward.

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