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Enjoy the journey: Reflecting on 17 years of service

Enjoy the journey, friends.You’ll never know where life will take you. Never would have I imagined as a young Corpsman in 29 Palms at my first duty station, that I’d still be in this journey the Navy has me in.It’s been a long road. But this too will end. I’ve made mistakes along the way, but I’ve learn a great deal from them. More importantly, I’ve learn from other people’s mistakes.When you’re young and feel like nothing can get in your way, you tend to get in your own way. Sometimes they need to learn the hard way.I had no plans of making this a career, but I eventually it become that and more. I’m so thankful and appreciative of...

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Experience with Military Training Team

My 3rd deployment I was bored. Not to say our job wasn’t important, it was just a different deployment from my first two.For the first couple months, I worked at a makeshift clinic, seeing not only Marines, but TCNs and Local nationals.I was thankful it wasn’t like 04 and 06, but I felt like I wasn’t doing my part. Like I wasn’t making an impact. So when an opportunity came up to attend an academy for me to work as part of a Military Training Team (MTT), I volunteered.I went in with a crew that were already working together for months, trying to see where I could fit in. All of them were from different units in Lejeune, while I...

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