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Back with the Marines!

HURRY UP AND WAIT... Less than a week since I checked in and I'm headed out to what's said to be the largest multi national force training in the past three decades. Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) and Marine Warfare Exercise (MWX). Back then it was CAACs, Mojave Viper... so many acronyms, yet the mission remains the same. Train and stay ready for the upcoming fight.  It’s past 0300, still waiting to leave... gotta love the timeline when you’re with the Marines.Not gonna lie, excited but nervous at the same time. Headed back to my first duty station in the Navy to train for a couple months.This time not as a young sailor, but now wearing these anchors, LEADING young sailors...

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Another Sponsored Race Complete!

THERE’S ALWAYS SUNSHINE ON THE OTHER SIDE! Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring some sunshine in other peoples lives. It wasn’t the best conditions, but we got it done! First and foremost, thank you to God🙏🏽 for bringing us safely to the motherland🇵🇭 Secondly, thank you to my family and all the volunteers who dedicated their time in putting the plan into action. There was a lot of work behind the scenes and I just wanted to thank you all for your dedication in making this into a reality. Last but not least, all the participants who showed up despite the rainy🌧 weather. Seeing all the smiles and laughter gave me great joy in knowing we at least brought...

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What does Memorial Day mean to you?

  Memorial Day is about remembering and honoring those who've served past and present. Remember those men and women who gave their blood, sweat and tears in defense of this country. Honoring those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice. Men and women who never had the fortunate chance to return home and be amongst family and friends. I look back on those days out in Iraq most especially, amongst my marines and fellow corpsman with great fondness. The highlight of my service. Some of the worst times of my life, but proud to have served with my marines and fellow corpsman of 1/7. It's not only today that I honor and remember all of you. For some of us, memorial day...

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24 hour HERO WOD

When you give it your all, you leave no room for regrets. In honor of those we lost, to those whose names we remember with these workouts, we will never forget. This past weekend, my gym held a 24 Hour Hero WOD with $1 minimum donation to complete one workout. We at Fortis Et Fidelis, decided this was a great opportunity to give back to FitOps Foundation, a non profit organization that gives veterans an all expenses paid 3 week course to become certified and qualified personal trainers. Seeing the opportunity, I wanted to ensure I gave back to a foundation that I was a part of. FitOps is a not only a team, but a family that continues to...

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