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Keys to be an Effective Leader

Some keys to be an effective leader in the military: SET GOALS. Realistic goals for yourself, your team and in the impact you want to make. Remember mission first, sailors always.NEVER STOP LEARNING. You’ll never be an effective leader if you do. It goes hand in hand.MAKE TIME. It’s the most important gift you can give another person. Because those few moments could make a difference in someone’s life.RECOGNIZE & REWARD. “Thank you for your hard work.” “I appreciate what you do.” We can’t give everyone an award, but we can always show them love in public. Thank them and appreciate the job they do every single day to the team success.DELEGATE & COMMUNICATE. Don’t do it all on your...

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My Deployment now...

I am on Deployment... a Unit Deployment Program (UDP). This deployment is different from my previous four with the Marines. There is no enemy to kill. No high valued target to capture. No raids to conduct. No towns, entire cities to clear. That was my deployment then. This is my deployment now... Leaving Camp without my flak and kevlar. No Med bag to carry everywhere we go. Because now, I’m free to go. To come and go. Venturing off away from Camp, without asking for permission to depart friendly lines. Without having to check my six. Without worrying about if my Vec would be next to hit that IED. Without worrying if my next step would be my last. That...

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Back with the Marines!

HURRY UP AND WAIT... Less than a week since I checked in and I'm headed out to what's said to be the largest multi national force training in the past three decades. Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) and Marine Warfare Exercise (MWX). Back then it was CAACs, Mojave Viper... so many acronyms, yet the mission remains the same. Train and stay ready for the upcoming fight.  It’s past 0300, still waiting to leave... gotta love the timeline when you’re with the Marines.Not gonna lie, excited but nervous at the same time. Headed back to my first duty station in the Navy to train for a couple months.This time not as a young sailor, but now wearing these anchors, LEADING young sailors...

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18 years later... Never Forget!

It was like any other morning, until my Dad called me into their room to see what was happening across the country. I was a Senior in High School when 9/11 happened. I didn’t know it then how much of an impact that day would have on my life. It changed my course and many others who served after. What I do remember is how we came together as one nation. We emerged stronger and united. One of the worst days in our history, brought us back together. In the face of adversity, tragedy and loss, all Americans brought out the best version of ourselves. We will always remember. We will never forget.

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