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The Price We Pay For Staying Ready

On 30 July, 8 Marines and 1 Sailor went out to conduct another training exercise out in the west coast, not knowing it would be their last.Unfortunately, these 9 lives were lost in the AAV mishap and after over 40 hours of rescue operations, it was turned into a recovery mission. The remains of seven Marines and a Sailor recovered Aug. 7 off the coast of San Clemente Island following the assault amphibious vehicle mishap were transferred Aug. 12 to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California. Six pallbearers of Marines and Sailors escorted each casket aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III bound for Dover AFB for final preparation for burial before being...

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Enjoy the journey: Reflecting on 17 years of service

Enjoy the journey, friends.You’ll never know where life will take you. Never would have I imagined as a young Corpsman in 29 Palms at my first duty station, that I’d still be in this journey the Navy has me in.It’s been a long road. But this too will end. I’ve made mistakes along the way, but I’ve learn a great deal from them. More importantly, I’ve learn from other people’s mistakes.When you’re young and feel like nothing can get in your way, you tend to get in your own way. Sometimes they need to learn the hard way.I had no plans of making this a career, but I eventually it become that and more. I’m so thankful and appreciative of...

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Keys to be an Effective Leader

Some keys to be an effective leader in the military: SET GOALS. Realistic goals for yourself, your team and in the impact you want to make. Remember mission first, sailors always.NEVER STOP LEARNING. You’ll never be an effective leader if you do. It goes hand in hand.MAKE TIME. It’s the most important gift you can give another person. Because those few moments could make a difference in someone’s life.RECOGNIZE & REWARD. “Thank you for your hard work.” “I appreciate what you do.” We can’t give everyone an award, but we can always show them love in public. Thank them and appreciate the job they do every single day to the team success.DELEGATE & COMMUNICATE. Don’t do it all on your...

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My Deployment now...

I am on Deployment... a Unit Deployment Program (UDP). This deployment is different from my previous four with the Marines. There is no enemy to kill. No high valued target to capture. No raids to conduct. No towns, entire cities to clear. That was my deployment then. This is my deployment now... Leaving Camp without my flak and kevlar. No Med bag to carry everywhere we go. Because now, I’m free to go. To come and go. Venturing off away from Camp, without asking for permission to depart friendly lines. Without having to check my six. Without worrying about if my Vec would be next to hit that IED. Without worrying if my next step would be my last. That...

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Sold Out