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Ambassador Spotlight: David Yi

David is an active duty Navy Corpsman who has been both with the "green side" as a Devil Doc and "blue side" recently serving as a Command Career Counselor to the sailors at Annapolis, Maryland. I met David while I was stationed on the USS Iwo Jima, while he was with the 6th Marines of Camp Lejuene, North Carolina. I saw personally how this man took care of his sailors and how he set the example for them to follow.  What have you been up to? Where are you stationed at now? After I left 3d Battalion 6th Marines I PCSed to Annapolis where I am currently the Command Career Counselor and DFA LPO. So what are you doing to...

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Ambassador Spotlight: Tyler Coleman

 Tyler is an active duty Marine stationed at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island as a Primary Marksmanship Instructor, teaching futures Marines the importance of how to be an effective Marksman. He's also a Crossfit Level I Trainer at Crossfit Humidity, located not too far from MCRD PI.  I met Tyler at Crossfit Humidity. He's been an excellent coach in his first year, always there to support you in and out of training.    Where were you stationed at before coming to MCRD Parris Island? I was stationed in 52 area San Mateo, Camp Pendleton CA -I’ve deployed all over Asia and the Middle East. So what are you doing to stay fit to fight? Crossfit ! I want to...

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24 hour HERO WOD

When you give it your all, you leave no room for regrets. In honor of those we lost, to those whose names we remember with these workouts, we will never forget. This past weekend, my gym held a 24 Hour Hero WOD with $1 minimum donation to complete one workout. We at Fortis Et Fidelis, decided this was a great opportunity to give back to FitOps Foundation, a non profit organization that gives veterans an all expenses paid 3 week course to become certified and qualified personal trainers. Seeing the opportunity, I wanted to ensure I gave back to a foundation that I was a part of. FitOps is a not only a team, but a family that continues to...

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Fortis Et Fidelis

      There are many adjectives for the two Latin words, "Fortis" and "Fidelis" FORTIS stands for strong; brave; valiant; resolute; gallant.FIDELIS stands faithful; loyal; sure; trusty; trustworthy. Both signify great qualities any man or woman, wishes to attain. We hope to represent those who embodie the meaning of "Fortis Et Fidelis"

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Giving back

A month ago, I was in the Philippines for vacation to visit my family and friends who are still there. I go back every 2-3 years when I can. It's something my parents instilled in my brother and I. Even though they don't say it, they prove it with their actions. Never forget where you came from. My parents never talked much of their past. What they went through growing up in the Philippines, trying to make a living for my brother and I. The experiences they had with the many jobs they held, sometimes in another country as my Mom did when she worked as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia for several years. As I grew older, it was only...

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