November 27, 2020 1 min read

The Euphrates.

My second deployment we pushed into the cities. After we cleared the urban areas as a company, platoons along with MAP, mobile assault platoons pushed further out into BP, battle positions.

One of these BPs was near the Euphrates River. Before we moved into BP Vera Cruz, the Engineers already had a VBIED attack at the ECP. A sign of what was to come.

Our MAP attachment were running into IEDs as many as 2-3 times a day.

As for my platoon, we had to finish building up BP Vera Cruz while receiving incoming mortars from the other side of this damn river. Luckily we didn’t lose anyone during any of these mortar attacks but there were some close calls.

I remember one time it hit our supply tent. One thing we relied on out in the middle of nowhere was morale among the platoon. One morale booster was our Rip-its and those awesome Air Force chows.

When that mortar hit close to our supply tent, all we cared about was those rip-its and Air Force chows, specifically one with chef boyardee’s. I loved those beef raviolis.

I don’t know if we ever took anyone out with our mortar platoon, but they did make for great lighting during nighttime makeshift showers.

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