December 29, 2016 2 min read

Henrique Morgado

(Contributing Writer)


Many of us have taken a step back from our fitness routines to partake in the festivities and the gluttony of the holidays. There are also many of us that have made a commitment to return to fitness after an absence of months or years. As the holidays come to an end, how will we return to fitness? Will we rely on our motivation, discipline, or in both?

Motivation is the “why” in our actions, and the factors that contribute to motivation can be internal, external, or a mix of both. Discipline for this purpose is the meant to be self-discipline and is the “what” in our actions, self-discipline is the act of regulating our actions and behaviors as to improve our fitness.

Many people tend to view motivation and discipline as being two separate and distinct actions that have minimal influence on the other. However, they are different sides of the same coin. Motivation can often be fleeting in nature. An example of this is someone who wants to obtain a six pack for summer. This person might keep up on a fitness routine and be on a diet to achieve their goal for a few days, weeks, or months. But after a period, focus will be lost and some bad habits will return. Eventually, they give up. Discipline is also perishable; for example, many people are capable of amazing feats of discipline such as pulling many all-nighters to study for a major exam or paper, or working weeks of long hours to earn extra money for a hobby or a vacation. Self-discipline requires conscious acts to be taken even when faced with adversity.

To achieve success both motivation and discipline are needed. There will be times when motivation will falter, but discipline will ensure that the course is maintained. In times that discipline falter, motivation will make sure that the course is maintained.


Challenges will come that will test you, they will come in many shapes and forms, and they will not discriminate. Success and failure are in your hands; you are in control. Will you be FIT TO FIGHT?

What is your motivation and how do you maintain discipline in achieving your goal(s)?

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