November 11, 2019 1 min read

The nation you served and the people you defended are grateful.

Grateful for your service. No matter how long or how few, we are grateful for the time you gave in service of our nation.

Grateful for your sacrifice. Those who gave all and those who gave all they had, defending our nation from her enemies.

Grateful for your discipline. Ever since you raised your right hand and took the oath until your last day in uniform, each day you gave your best and demanded nothing less.

Grateful for your courage. You faced our enemies head on in foreign shores in order to protect our citizens on U.S. soil. Whether you served abroad or here at home, know that you all have shared responsibility in maintaining the finest fighting force the world has ever seen.

Today and every day, know that our nation is forever grateful to those who have worn our nations cloth.

Grateful for your Service. Sacrifice. Discipline. Courage.


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