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To those young, brave and faithful... A Memorial Day Tribute

A young man served his nation, Full of vigor and dedication. He was quiet, goofy at times but always humble. A young man you could count on to never crumble.   And so he was tasked to be our point man, A vulnerable position to be in when shit hit the fan. To lead our patrol through some dangerous situations. The young man had no hesitation, he was full of vigor and dedication.   And so it was during our last patrols you led us again, Only this time it would be your last. For you would never lead us again. And although you have passed, You will never be forgotten, As I’ve often... In times like these, think of...

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Veterans Day 2018

Standing the watch on Veterans Day this year. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sight. Thank you to those who have worn the uniform to defend our nation. To my brothers and sisters serving, remember those who have served before you and ensure you carry on the legacy with pride, dignity and respect. Today and every day... we honor you.🇺🇸

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Tried, Tested and Initiated ⚓️

  Blessed to have such a support system these past 6 weeks.Thank you to my family who have been there for me every step of the way. Good and bad, you’ve never failed to show your love and concern. Some were not physically there, but you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.To my friends, thank you for the time you’ve given in sending out messages and comments. I truly appreciate it. This could not have happened without all of your support.Thank you 🙏🏽#NavyChief #NavyPride #WEmadeit #FortisEtFidelis #ShieldUpAnchorDown    

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9/11... 17 years later.

  It was just any other morning... I got up, showered, ate my breakfast and got ready for school, not knowing this day would change the lives of so many. My Dad always had the news on in the morning. That’s when I was informed of what happened. We watched as the planes hit the Twin Towers in New York. It was a horrible scene to watch, I can only imagine how it was to go through it for those who were there that day. School was still in session, but all we could think of was what happened just a few hours ago. My first class was History and Mr. Watson was our teacher. He was a Marine (later...

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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA 🇺🇸   Stand, sit, kneel. You’re free to choose. Remember it’s due to those brave few... you have that choice. So never forget the cost and all the lives lost, To give you that right... I’ll gladly fight. God bless the home of the brave, because of the free.

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Sold Out