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Ambassador Spotlight: Daniel Prude

  Daniel and I met while I was stationed onboard the USS Iwo Jima. We worked together for a couple years before he transferred to Field Medical Training Batallion - East (FMTB-E). From my experience working with him, he was the one person who the leadership counted on. He was a leader in his own right, mentoring his junior sailors and passing on his knowledge of the tasks at hand. Now he is shaping the future of our Corpsman at FMTB-E, who will be charged to take care of their Marines once they graduate and earn their title as "Doc."   What have you been up to? Where are you stationed at now?Living day by day....working along side the world's...

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Fortis Et Fidelis

      There are many adjectives for the two Latin words, "Fortis" and "Fidelis" FORTIS stands for strong; brave; valiant; resolute; gallant.FIDELIS stands faithful; loyal; sure; trusty; trustworthy. Both signify great qualities any man or woman, wishes to attain. We hope to represent those who embodie the meaning of "Fortis Et Fidelis"

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Giving back

A month ago, I was in the Philippines for vacation to visit my family and friends who are still there. I go back every 2-3 years when I can. It's something my parents instilled in my brother and I. Even though they don't say it, they prove it with their actions. Never forget where you came from. My parents never talked much of their past. What they went through growing up in the Philippines, trying to make a living for my brother and I. The experiences they had with the many jobs they held, sometimes in another country as my Mom did when she worked as a Nurse in Saudi Arabia for several years. As I grew older, it was only...

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The Role of Motivation and Discipline

Henrique Morgado (Contributing Writer)   Many of us have taken a step back from our fitness routines to partake in the festivities and the gluttony of the holidays. There are also many of us that have made a commitment to return to fitness after an absence of months or years. As the holidays come to an end, how will we return to fitness? Will we rely on our motivation, discipline, or in both?Motivation is the “why” in our actions, and the factors that contribute to motivation can be internal, external, or a mix of both. Discipline for this purpose is the meant to be self-discipline and is the “what” in our actions, self-discipline is the act of regulating our actions...

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2016 Presidential Elections

   I will continue to defend... Whoever wins this election, I hope we can all come together to work on our differences, embrace it and grow from it. Our nations diversity is also what made this country great. People from other countries come here to begin anew, make a better living and chase that so called "American Dream" I just hope after tonight, we are not further divided as a nation, but united as one... to destroy the mofos who threaten our way of living! Good night America! Team Fit To Fight

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