Building Resilient Teams™ for Organizational Learning and Change

Collective resilience is a social phenomenon that exists in any organization where people rely on each other to accomplish difficult and challenging tasks together. Collective resilience is the ability to overcome challenges as a team. More importantly, it is the ability to adapt and grow because of those challenges. Resilient teams are stronger together and they make organizational learning and change possible.

Use Education Assistance Benefits to pay for your Certification

Companies provide education benefits because it helps them hire and retain good talent. Under U.S. federal law, this education assistance benefit is deductible to the employer as a business expense and tax-free for the employee up to $5,250 annually.

Most companies also find it far more cost effective to up-skill current employees than to hire new staff. Taking advantage of your company’s education assistance program will allow you to enhance your skills and increase your value to the organization at the same time.

Employer sponsored education assistance programs typically pay for college and university degree programs, certificate programs at colleges and universities, and professional certifications from credentialing agencies like the Resilience-Building Leader Program. Ask your HR representative about using education assistance benefits to pay for your certification.


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